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The Laanta-Lanta Festival

Koh Lanta has an amazing mix of cultures who simply seem to get along. This is particularly evident when they stage the Laanta Lanta Festival in Lanta Old Town which happens each year on the first Full Moon in March. The Laanta-Lanta Festival is a possibility for local people and guests to commend unique cultural faces that […]

How to buy a property in Thailand

Land Purchase. Thai law stipulates that an outsider may not possess arrive in his name, he has the privilege of responsibility for as it were. On the off chance that a nonnative wishes to buy land to fabricate a property he has 2 choices. The land is acquired on a 30 year leasehold, with a […]

Thailand Tax rates.

How much ? Duty/Tax completes an outsider need to pay on his/her profit, and whether others, for example, computerized migrants, who are not as of now paying expense in their nation of starting point, need to pay tax in Thailand. Duty law in Thailand is in reality quite confused, so in this post I’ll simply cover […]